Monica Abbott is destroying softball

June 5, 2007

It was less than a week ago that I wrote about my love of college softball, specifically the World Series.

Well, this year’s competition hasn’t been as exciting. And for that, I blame one person — Monica Abbott.

This is no criticism about how her softball skills. Abbott is having the most dominant World Series I’ve ever seen and may go down as the best college softball pitcher ever, especially if Tennessee wins tonight or tomorrow and gets the championship.

But Abbott has been so good, she’s making these games so uninteresting and unwatchable.

Her game-by-game stats:

May 31 vs. Texas A&M, 7 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 4 BB, 16 K

June 1 vs. Arizona, 7 IP, 0 R, 6 H, 3 BB, 16 K

June 3 vs. Northwestern, 7 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 0 BB, 17 K

June 4 vs. Arizona, 7 IP, 0 R, 4 H, 1 BB, 8 K

TOTAL: 28 IP, 0 R, 12 H, 8 BB, 57 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.71 WHIP, and over half of the batters she’s faced struck out (57/98 = 58.2%)

This is beyond ridiculous.

Obviously, the Women’s College World Series has seen its fair share of great pitchers. Cat Osterman was just there a year ago. But Osterman’s teams never even made it to the finals. As good as she was, the best offenses in the country were able to score the occasional run off of her.

The Lady Vols aren’t exactly offensive juggernauts either. They have yet to score more than three runs in a game at the World Series, only outscoring their opponents 9-0 in four wins.

I haven’t seen the ratings info yet for the World Series yet, but I’d guess they’re down. Fans don’t like 1-0 games where the team with the zero has no chance of scoring at all.

Abbott is turning softball into an individual sport more than it has ever been one before. Something needs to be done to counter this dominance. Move the circle back a foot or two? Make teams use at least two pitchers in a tournament? I don’t know what the answer this, but something needs to change for the good of the sport.

Unless Arizona pulls off a miracle and beats the Tennessee Abbotts two days in a row.

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43 Responses to “Monica Abbott is destroying softball”

  1. Gabby #22 Says:

    i may only be 13 but i cannot believe that you would say that monica abbott is destroying softball. She is what people go to see. They go to see how great she is. And if people cannot hit off her that is not her fault for being an awesome pitcher, but it is the batters fault. She is doing her job for her team and that is that. If the batter cannot complete her task at the plate for her team…that is their problem to deal with.

    gabby g.

  2. SoftballGurl#69 Says:

    i may only be 12 but i love softball and play to my fullest!! Monica Abbott is the reason i watch softball! she is awesome! she is not destroying softball she is just making it better! she goes out on that mound and pitches to her best ability! i would know this because i am a pitcher on !my junior varsity softball team i have had 48 strikouts this season! do u wanna know why? i play to my fullest! monica abbott is the greatest pitcher ever!!!! nobody listen to the person who wrote this article!!!!!

  3. Gilbert Says:

    There is no debate that Monica Abbott is awesome. She is.

    But for a sport to succeed long-term, there needs to be competition. It can’t just be the same player dominating over and over again.

    Abbott’s really good — but softball won’t attract mainstream viewers unless both teams are going to score. I love softball. But for it to grow, the scoring is going to have to go up a little.

  4. gabby #22 Says:

    well, lookie there… Tennessee lost in the world series because, what, oh my gosh…Arizona scored runs!! So that shows that Monica Abbott can be beat and that there is compition. You have no right to to tell everyone that might not know who she is that she is destroying softball. She is creating new things in softball that others may not have ever seen before.

  5. Gilbert Says:

    I know Tennessee lost in the finals, but my original point stands. Abbott single-handedly led her team to the championship series, and UT would’ve won it all if it was still a one-game championship format like it was until a few years ago.

    I would love to see more people follow softball. I’m in a minority of men out there that watch softball for the sport itself, not to see attractive women play (like several sports bloggers did), not to see my school beat up on opposing schools, not because I know the players.

    And I see your point about not wanting me to say bad things about her because most people don’t know who Monica Abbott is. I hope to change that though … I’m starting to post regularly on this blog now, and once softball season starts again, I will blog about it regularly, mixed in with all the other sports I follow. If I forget to, feel free to remind me.

  6. nicole Says:

    if u think monica is destroying softball well news flash ur wrong. she is the best thing that has happen to softball. even that she my be the best, shes playing the game she loves. thats what i have to say

  7. gabby #22 Says:

    Hey Gilbert… abbott did not single-handedly get them there and you know it. Sure, it is a tremendous ‘bonus’ to have Monica Abbott on the team, but there are a handful of people who can hit off of her and Abbott cannot play every position. Tennessee had a great team this past year from the pitching staff, to the DEFENSE, and when the ball is hit, Tennessee’s defense has to be there, and you cannot argue that their defense is rock solid. They obviously have a solid defense or else they would not have been in the situation that they were in at the end of the season. I am sorry but how can you say that she is destroying this sport? Like i said at the beginning of this blog… she is opening new doors for this sport. She is inspiring young girls to be the kind of ball players that are needed to take this sport to the next level. She worked hard and it payed off. If people like you cannot respect that, then you need to rethink what sports, in general is about. If people her age now, were not so lazy as kids, and got off the couch every now and then and worked as hard as she did, well then maybe they would be as good as she is. period.

  8. Ben Says:

    Hey Gabby,
    I’m going to defend Gilbert here in one sense. He never said he didn’t respect Abbott, just that she was making the games less interesting BECAUSE she was so good. Also, I definitely don’t think Tennessee would have made the WCWS without Abbott. In fact, they were barely a top 25 team without her. Also, Abbott strikes out most of the hitters she faces, so her defense really doesn’t have to do that much.

    That said, I do disagree with Gilbert in that I think she’s good for softball not only for the reasons you mentioned about inspiring younger players to work harder, but I think she actually generates interest in the sport. I think that the hardcore baseball fan/non-softball fan would be amazed by her dominance and numbers and be blown away watching her on TV a few times.

    Gilbert and I (and Gilbert more so than me) are softball fans and have seen tons of games over the past few years, and I have to admit that it can get a little boring to watch pitchers like Osterman and Abbott facing helpless competition over and over again. At the same time, there’s no question in my mind that these pitchers are good for the popularity of the sport and for the reasons you mentioned as well.

  9. Gabby #22 Says:

    Ok, you are right, partially. It is not abbott’s fault that people cannot hit off of her, though. And i dont understand how you can say that she single-handedly got them there. They have a strong team, maybe not so much offensively, but like i said, there are a handful of players that can hit off of her and for those people, the defense is there. In order for them to have made it there, the defense HAS to play a part in it. Abbott is only one player and though she may strike most of her opponents out, there are some hits every now and then that the defense has to get and you know it. This game may not be interesting to you because of Abbott , but the interesting part is watching Monica Abbott play. Unfortunately, i have never had the opportunity to go to one of her games, but look at how many people DO go, just to watch her break a record, or some might go just to watch her pitch. I have said this before on the blog, but people go to watch and are amazed at what she can do because they have never seen anything like that before. I dont think that it is fair for you or gilbert to say that she is destroying softball because, like i already said, she is creating things that have never been done before, and people like that kind of stuff. She is doing her thing and it is rude for you to criticize her for it. I understand that you agree with me on her ability level, but to me it sounds like yall are saying that you dont respect how hard she worked to get to the point where she is now. I have dreams of going to Tennessee, and hopefully getting the chance to play on the olympic team, if they let softball return to the olympics. But, people like you are crushing kids dreams by saying that Abbott is destroying it because kids will let that get to their heads and then start to believe that she really is and then they will no longer wish to get that far. Hopefully most kids are like me and will not let this stupid article get to them. I dont really care what you have to say about her because nothing you say will interfere with how i feel and what i believe.

  10. Gabby#23 Says:

    Lookie here,
    Monica Abbott is not destroying softball. She is actually one of the reasons why I strive so hard to be a good pitcher. It’s not her fault when she does her hardest and batters still get hits off her. She is just playing the game to the best of her ability.

    So this article is wayyyy wackkk.

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  12. gabby #22 Says:

    ok…people like gabby # 23…i appreciate that you are on my side, but you really need to come up with your own stuff. I mean, all the stuff that you said in your article is the same stuff that i said in all of mine. Just say what you have to say, but in your own words. That will make it more original and more people will read it.

  13. why would somone say monica abbott distroid softball she totaly rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to plat for UT

  14. hannah_#14 Says:

    hey gabby #22,
    i totally agree with ya! everything you said! as for gilbert…………not so much. but there’s one thing you forgot that “gilbert” and “ben” need to hear……………monica abbott is a human being just like everybody else. she has feelings. if she were to see this she would probably be hurt. she is very nice and she would never say something or do something to hurt somebody else. i know…….i went to some of her games and got autographs from her and talked to her. she even signed my little 2 year old brothers ball and put ephesians 5:1 and fyi it reads:”walk in LOVE. therefore be imitators of God as dear children”. if you wanna be mean and run her name in the ground, that’s your problem but just know it’s rude to not like somebody and say they are destroying something they are working so hard to build up. it’s not her fault pitching is her God givin talent. if you can’t handle that………………i’m sorry because i mean what do you want her to do? stop playin softball? pitch to half of her ability? news flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that wouldn’t be fair to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as you can probably tell i’ve said what i have to say………………but for the record………monica gives 110%, all she’s got, every pitch she throws………………..i should know. i am a 12 year old on the american eagles travel team and i’m a pitcher. i pitch 55 m.p.h. and have 4 other pitches. i know when i give all i got and i can tell when other people do to………………….and she gives more than she’s got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you know what’s funny? it seems that all the girls that write in this blog like and stand up for monica but all the boys don’t. So it seems to me that boys are jealous that girls and softball is better boys and baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there i said it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. kody#25 Says:

    hannah#14 i agree with you and people shouldn’t talk about other people just because you are good at somein and i know that it is hard to live with all ta stuff people say bout you i should know me and my friend hannah .w don’t have many friends at school cause everybody exspects that we think we are so cool cause we are GOOD at basketball and softball and just cause monica abbott can pitch better than MOST people doesn’t mean they should talk bout her cause its a natural talent just like crystl bustos beein able to come up to ta plate and hit a homerun 3 out of5 times so tats all i have to say

  16. hannah_14 Says:

    all i have to say is i hope whoever reads this blog understands the point kody#25 and i are tryin to make…………………monica abbott is one of the best players (pitchers) there ever were. and i’m sure other teams and other fans get tired of losing and thats understandable but i’m a tennessee fan so we don’t lose every game but when we do lose………………………………i don’t go around trashin the other teams pitchers and players. thats bad sportsman and jealousy. and plus it’s just down right rude!!!!!!! but i mean it’s not like tennessee wins every game. i think some people are jealous because tennessee softball is finally getting some recognition. whoever wrote this article has issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just think about it. if you had an idol and her team won alot and then one day you were on the computer and you found a website that was trashin your favorite player. how would you feel??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  17. Gilbert Says:

    You all realize I wrote this 9 months ago, right?

    And Tennessee ended up losing the World Series — making my point moot.

    Completely moot.

  18. kody#25 Says:

    well i don’t care when or who wrote it it is still offending to monica abbott and the whole tennessee team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and by ta way what does moot mean?

  19. hannah_14 Says:

    yea what she said lol

  20. Christine Says:

    Alright I’m in the middle of doing a speech on softball and I came across this blog and I had to give my input. Ladies this blog was not written to attack monica abbott. He even put her stats up to show how much of an amazing and dominating pitcher she really is. The point he was trying to make was that softball to him gets boring after a while when all you see are striekouts. If you watched the college world series last year you would have seen two incredible pitchers with an astonishing strikeout record. Both pitchers mowatt and abbott were striking out their opponents right and left which yes can get a little boring after a while. He’s not trying to take anything away from monica abbott. She is changing the sport and draws people to watch because of her talent. We actually as female athletes should be thanking him for writing about softball. Softball is deffinetly not as dominating as the other pro sports out there so we need all the exposure we can get for the sake of the sport. I think it’s awesome that a guy can take interest in what we do and care enough to write about it. Also it is very true that without Monica Abbott the Vols wouldn’t have made it to the college world series. Tennessee is a very good team but monica was what put them over the top. If you look at her stats it speaks for itself. I think Monica could have been on any team and taken them to the finals, that’s how great she truly is. Now I’m not trying to say you guys are wrong but look at this blog from a different light. I myself play softball and next year I will be playing in college. Maybe you guys are too young to understand the full meaning of the blog but it’s not negative and it’s not discrediting monica abbott and her abilities

  21. monica abbott is a great pitcher. if she dominates the game so what? the other team just has something to work on thats what the games about improving your skills so you can go to the next level. she works her butt off every day and you sit there and make a big deal out of what she has accomplished thats just sorry.

  22. gabby #22 Says:

    hey yall im back. Christine, how can the game get boring if you get the opportunity to see a once in a lifetime thing. This whole article is dumb, because first and foremost, it says that she is destroying softball, when you and I both know that she is doing something that no other pitcher in NCAA history has been able to do. Sure, she may strike out most of the people that come up to the plate but that is what is so great about it. People come from all over the country, knowing that she dominates, to watch her do just that. And, I might add, the people that go are not disappointed with her performance. I am going to watch a USA game in a couple of weeks, and I HOPE that she pitches. I just do not believe that you, Gilbert, or anybody should agree with the statement that Monica Abbott is destroying, or in your words, making softball boring. She is the excitement of the game. Period.

  23. alaina_#9 Says:

    i think this is just stupidity that some one would write something like this about monica abbott! i play travel softball for the american eagles 12U and she might be a good pitcher but there’s one reason for that………………… she works her butt off for it!!!!! and we have a twelve yr. old pitcher and she is very good at what ever she does!!! she can hit and pitch ( clocked 55) only 12 again!!!! and im the smallest one on my team im about 4’5 and everybody else is like 4’10 and 5 foot but that doesnt bring me down at all it brings me up cause i do whatever they have to do and they do whatever i do in practice to the world series!!!!!!!!!!!i play 2ND base and all of the posistions in the outfield!!!!!!!!!! you have no right to critisize monica abbott!!!!!! ive met some of the tennessee players and they are really sweet and so strong athletes!!!!!! so just keep your “words of wisdom” to yourself “gilbert” cause you have no right to say that!!!! monica abbott is probably one of the most best pitchers today in history of history!! just think about it…………… we have 12 and 13 year olds pitchin in the high fiftys!!!!!!!! so get over it and if they become pro and play for usa then you probably dont need to watch it cause you cant handle it!!!! so go pick on another person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Caitlin Says:

    I think that Monica Abbott is the most wonderfulest softball player on Earth. Just after Jennie Finch who is absolutely AMAZINGG!!!!!

  25. Gabby #22 Says:

    I went to a USA softball game. Yep, Monica Abbott struck most of them out, and you know what? it was the coolest thing i have ever seen. Not once did that game get boring to me. Everyone around me thought that she was just about the best thing ever! So anybody agrees with this article should go watch her play and see for yourself. period.

  26. Old enough 14 Says:

    Dude, Monica Abbott rules this sport.. she is the best thing that has happened to USA. She will get us very far in the Olympics. You freakin live in the USA, so quit hatin start appreciatin. She is goin to the hall of fame because of her talent, people who are in the hall of fame are the best and Monica is the best, you are sayin it your self. So she rules you drool.. And you need to get a life and quit postin trash like this, who cares about your freakin opinion dude.

  27. breeze#20 Says:

    the person who wrote this is ridiculous….Monica Abbott is AWESEOME‚ô•

  28. Chelsie Reynolds #11 Says:

    Whoever thinks this can just go rott in a ditch, because Monica Abbott is a frieken AWESOME softball player. She dominates every game AND practice. She is my lefty idol! =) I

  29. Chilly Pepper #4 Says:

    I LOVE MONICA ABBOTT!!!! She is a hero to many girls and shows us no matter if you make a mistake, just let it past you and play your A game. So NO she is not destroying softball, in fact, she is making it to where more girls want to play softball. She is the reason I am still playing softball. I mean really, Monica Abbot, one of the BEST lefty pitchers the world has ever seen,destroying softball?!?! HA! Yeah right, the day she destroys softball is the day in rains baseballs. Monica Abbott you are my hero and I will NEVER go back on that. Keep dominating and play your A game. Just remember your and idol/hero to THOUSANDS of girls, don’t ever get down on yourself.
    <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 CHILLY PEPPER#4

  30. blahhh Says:


  31. blahhh Says:

    actually i think that cat osterman is the best pitcher out there… and i know monica abbott is awesome but i really think that cat is really the one who has changed the history and look of softball.she is amazing and even though her team didnt win a nat’l championship,she has still gone down as the best pitcher in college history and the world.

  32. Becca#12 Says:

    Hey. I love Monica Abbott. I just got back from one of her softball clinics. She told us…”Just because your good, doesn’t mean your the best.” “Just bcause people say your the best doesn’t mean you always throw the best throws.” “Just because people say you only throw strikes….DOESN’T MEAN YOU DO.” Monica Abbott’s clinic was the best thing that happened to me. Wanna know why?….she threw some pitches for us. Oh, they weren’t all strikes. So, Monica Abbott isn’t “Destroying Softball”?!? She’s making it BETTER. You may not believe in IMPROVEMENT.But, I’m pretty sure Monica Abbott has inspired alot of kids by throwing good & BAD pitches. SO, JUST THINK ABOUT THAT! :]

  33. Becca#12 Says:


  34. Becca#12 Says:

    For blahhh, you may THINK cat osterman is the best. But like MONICA ABBOTT said at her clinic. NOBODY CAN ever BE THE BEST @ ANYTHING!


  35. blah blah blah lol Says:

    this is getting stupid now so lets jus quit tis

    bye byez

  36. Becca{again} Says:

    What ever. Seriously, nobody can be the best! TO:blah blah blah lol

  37. Ok. Now I do believe in Not enjoying softball…but saying that Monica Abbott is destroying it is just pure Stupid! I mean when I say the words “Monica Abbott” it makes me think of the good things in though she’s famous..she isn’t all up in people’s faces about it. To tell you the truth..I think you’re pretty Dumb..So if you wanna say that Monica Abbott is destroying softball..go ahead..but I disagree..because that is Just plain STUPID..Yeah..Stupid!

    -Preety Preety Purple Dinosaur..Rawr.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    monica abbott is totally awesome!

  39. anonymous Says:

    r u out of your mind? all u stupid reporters do is talk trash about people!MONICA ABBOTT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she got up there because she worked EXTREMELY HARD! she deserves to be striking out all those batters. u have no right to be critizing her! ur a shame if u do! everyone says to try ur best and monica abbott is just trying her best and her best is the BEST! so now what ur saying is that u dont want people to try there best because they r going to destroy something. shame on u reporters shame on u! wat a desgrace

  40. Hello, I remember reading this article several years back… Somehow Google got me here again. Back then, I was a college softball pitcher so I disagreed with the blogger’s p.o.v. Today, as a retired pitcher (making me a spectator), I can relate to his p.o.v. better… It’s more fun to watch the ball in play.

    It is exciting to play against a dominant pitcher at the amateur softball tournaments or even the season college games. It draws in a crowd. But it’s a crowd of parents, coaches and other softball players. Watching it on TV is a whole different experience…

    It’s the reason why softball was pulled out of this year’s London Olympics as a sport because Team USA has been “too dominant”. They never lost a game until that Gold Medal Game in Beijing in 2008. Despite USA losing to another country, softball is still out for the next 2 Olympics… Now and for 2016.

    Olympic Committee is taking it too far. They are punishing the sport and crushing little girls’ dreams. I hope Softball comes back to the next Olympics somehow… 8 years or never just makes me weep.

    Ok, see you later.

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