Michael Vick should coach at USC

August 29, 2007

26704689.jpgThis is why you don’t go on to opposing team blogs/message boards and incite their fans.

After a USC fan went on to Bruins Nation and pulled out an Eric Scott reference, a contributor to BN did some research, and discovered that a current USC assistant coach was arrested and charged with the mistreatment of dogs being trained on his property for dogfighting in 1996. In the same thread, Bruins Nation commenters later found that the same assistant, Todd McNair, was a part of the Reggie Bush free house scandal. They also found that McNair’s punishment was only a $16,000 fine and found a gruesome picture of one of the dogs.

I read a lot of sports articles and blogs daily and follow Pac-10 football very closely. I had never heard of this before I saw it on Bruins Nation yesterday. So I’m guessing a lot of people will be seeing this for the first time today, either on Bruins Nation or another blog that will pick up the story (like mine).

It’s unfortunate that we had to learn that another former NFL player was involved in dogfighting. Thanks USC fans, for helping us find yet another flaw with your shady program.

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3 Responses to “Michael Vick should coach at USC”

  1. cw Says:

    First of all, I feel sorry for Michael. Before you get upset, he was wrong. He was very very wrong, but not to the point where his whole life should be ruined. His NFL career is over, and now they want to place him in jail for 5 years or so. That is extreme, and over a dog? Yes, what he did to those dogs is horrible. But think about it, we kill how many babies a year in abortion? We killed how many people in the aftermath of Katrina? We killed how many people in Iraq? What do we have to say about that? It is excusable of course, because we make it excusable. We kill thousand of Americans, born and unborn a day, and we still have our careers, our freedom, and our life. America is a hypocrite.

    Also, dog fighting was a misdemeanor up until 3 month before Vick was busted. Don’t you think the government was investigating him at the time they decided to up the crime to a felony? Does this not seem like a trap? He is one of the four only black quarterbacks in the NFL. Don’t you think good ol’ America, the same America that killed thousands of blacks from New Orleans and the same America that has six boys locked up in a Louisiana jail facing 15+ years in prison for a school fight involving a white student (Jena Six), the same America whose prison population is about 80% black, knew this when they decided to arrest him, and ruin his career and place him in prison…in good ol’ Georgia!

    How many white NFL players get into trouble, but it is brushed off, and played down? This isn’t only a case of the dogs; this is a case of good ol’ America getting rid of someone that frankly they didn’t want there anyway! They won fair and square though. They sat and they waited and they watched, and then they finally got what they wanted, the little black quarterback boy out!

    Again, he was wrong, he should be punished. But the punishment is way too harsh for the crime, and we know it. If we took the case out of the media, and let the courts handle it, then it would have never blown up to be this big, or harsh.

  2. OKern Says:

    Heh – isn’t it great how some people will find a way, no matter what, to connect any random story with Iraq? I think you’re spending time on the wrong blogs CW – you might want to try DU or something along those lines.

    Of course, if you’re up to it, I would love to see you explain the moral equivalence of 1) people dying in a war (you neglected to specify whether you meant military deaths, civilian deaths, insurgents, etc); 2) people dying during Katrina (I’m also quite curious to know how they were “killed” and who killed them); 3) abortion; and 4) dog-fighting.

    And who is this “we”? Is it inclusive of every US citizen, just the ones that have reached majority, or is there some other criteria you have for gauging culpability?

    Finally, any evidence that Vick’s arrest, charges, etc were racially motivated would be most enlightening.

    Just curious…

  3. tsos20 Says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Mike. I feel sorry for the dogs he tortured and killed. He is getting what he deserves and he knows it.

    Many blind people see through dogs. Many policemen rely on dogs to save their lives. Many people share their homes amd love with dogs. CW, when you say “over a dog”, that means to me, you are an ass!!!

    Many white players have been suspened from the NFL. You are a racist. Flat out. That is your problem. You are also paranoid.
    The Sultan on Sports


    ps Michael Vick was an admired athlete. Good looking, charismatic, he had it all. No one wanted him to be a scumbag. We were all dissapointed and shocked to find out again, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

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