kylekendrick.JPGNote: New Obscure Sports Quarterly editor Ben touched on this already, but I had this idea for a post before I read his. Read his and read mine.

We’re getting a pitching matchup today of Franklin Morales vs. Kyle Kendrick. I’d bet 99% of baseball fans haven’t heard of either pitcher. Has there ever been a more random pitching matchup in the playoffs?

Both are rookies, as the two of them have combined for only 28 career starts.

Kendrick is the elder statesman at 23, and he has actually pitched quite well for the Phillies, with an ERA of 3.87 in 121 innings, but he did only strike out 49 batters.franklin-morales2.jpg

Morales is only 21 and has started just eight games for the Rockies. He never goes deep in games, pitching only 39 1/3 innings, but he did have a good ERA (3.43) with 26 strikeouts and only 14 walks.

I’m sure there’s been a more random pitching playoff matchup at some point, but I can’t think of one. Anyone?

As you can tell, I’ve added another editor to the blog in Ben. Check out his stuff below.

For you long time readers, I’m not going away. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add another great writer to the blog. I will still be here, updating the blog (almost) every weekday.

Both of us are Angels and UCLA fans, but we do have different opinions on a lot of sports issues. I promise.



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