Dump Kurt Streeter

November 21, 2007

I would’ve dropped this issue after I first wrote about it, but Kurt Streeter just keeps on going.

He has posted a response on his blog which makes him look even more like a fool than his original column. Using the style of one my favorite blogs, Fire Joe Morgan, I’m going to bold what Streeter says and then respond to it afterwards.

As I pointed out in the piece, Dorrell wins and he wins at pretty much the same pace that UCLA football has won for decades. He’s a bit under .600. His two immediate predecessors were a bit over .600.

Wrong. Dorrell’s winning percentage is .567, Bob Toledo’s was .609 and Terry Donahue’s was .640. And Toledo was fired for his poor performance — shouldn’t Dorrell, who has been even worse, also be fired then?

I could better understand the harsh reaction to this coach if he were the head guy at a place like Florida, Michigan, Texas or even, dare I say it, USC. Let’s face it, at UCLA football is not king. It is on those other campuses.

Florida just won two basketball championships. I don’t see why being in good one sport prevents you from being good in the other.

UCLA has a different feel to it than those monster football schools, and it always should.

Why? Just because you said so?

Believe me, to reach the level where a school is constantly challenging for the national title, academic standards are going to take a beating. A serious beating.

Cal has the exact same minimum standards as UCLA, yet has been a much better football program over the last five years — and their coach inherited a program that was in much more dire straits than UCLA.

Finally, has anyone noticed what’s happened up at Cal? Wow, I thought guru Jeff Tedford walked on water. What happened? Once a genius, always a genius, right?

I’m glad you brought up Cal.

Cal in the five years before Tedford: 16-39
Cal in Tedford’s first five seasons: 43-20

UCLA in the five years before Dorrell: 35-24
UCLA in Dorrell’s first five seasons: 34-26

Cal in Tedford’s first five seasons: 43-20
UCLA in Dorrell’s first five seasons: 34-26

While Dorrell inherited a program much better than Tedford’s, Dorrell has done much worse since then. Note that Dorrell is slightly worse than his predecessor, who was fired for his poor performance.

It’s pretty sad that there’s not a higher standard of civility in the blogosphere, but I guess that’s the way our society is these days. As for me, I’ll stay above the fray.

You’re staying above the fray? Really? You’re the one igniting the fray! You’re the one who brought up race and essentially accused UCLA fans of being racists in the first place. And don’t hide by saying you only said “some”, we know what you meant.

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One Response to “Dump Kurt Streeter”

  1. the driver Says:

    just one correction…UCLA has TOUGHER minimum academic requirements for recruits than CAL. Mainly….Tedford gets a few (probably 5 or so per year) academic passes for his team. 2 specific examples come to mind. Both DeSean Jackson and Marshawn Lynch have stated that they would have come to UCLA if the qualified.

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