Dodgers, Padres to play two games in China

January 19, 2008

Major League Baseball continues to try to promote its product internationally, as the LA Dodgers and San Diego Padres are going to play two exhibition games in China on March 15-16.

This is the first time MLB games will be played in China, and I wonder what the reception will be like (and how many of the veterans and star players from each team go). The LA Times reports that the Dodgers will be only taking part of their roster to China, and I’m guessing the Padres will take only a partial roster also (which is understandable, considering how large spring training rosters are).

The games will be played at Wukesong Stadium, which is where the Olympic baseball competition will be played at. Also, the Boston Red Sox and Oakland A’s are opening up the regular season in Japan, playing games on March 25 and 26.

It’s good to see MLB sending its game internationally, I’d love for China to develop some MLB talent in the future, as that would only improve the quality of the league.

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3 Responses to “Dodgers, Padres to play two games in China”

  1. hawaii Says:

    I think that is awesome. it would be wonderful if baseball became a mainstay sport in a place like China. For goodness sake, if the Brits could get Pakistanis to adore cricket, why not spread the baseball fever?

    I also think what the Red Sox are doing is even more notable. They are recognizing the increasing importance of baseball in Japan, the money making possibilities of bringing Japaneses players to the US and capturing the Japanese TV dollars (and merchandising!), and helping the US to stop being so nationally centric with our sports. Next I would like to see a few games (real games, not exhibition games) played in the Dominican Republic.

  2. Gilbert Says:

    I agree completely about playing in the Domincan Republic. MLB should’ve done that already, considering all the talent that has come from there.

  3. Noel D Says:

    I think its great either way that they are playing in another country.

    Next Iraq :)

    Los Angeles Dodgers Fan.


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