The Reggie Bush saga grows

February 13, 2008

tarnishedheisman.jpgYahoo! Sports is reporting that Reggie Bush’s attorneys brought an armed observer to Lloyd Lake’s deposition. Yes, you read that right — the man had a gun and showed it off too!.

In another bizarre turn in the lawsuit brought against former USC star Reggie Bush, the deposition of New Era Sports co-founder Lloyd Lake came to an unexpected halt Tuesday after a man sitting in on the proceedings revealed he was carrying a handgun.

I’m no lawyer, but I’m guessing that’s a big no-no. Way to intimidate the opposition.

Also, ESPN continues not to mention that Bush’s lawyer, David Cornwell, either is a legal analyst for ESPN as I’ve blogged about before. Can anyone tell me why a bigger deal isn’t being made about this? ESPN likes to pretend it has journalistic integrity, and this is ethically wrong on so many levels. Then again, a lawyer reportedly bringing an armed observer to a deposition isn’t very ethical either. So maybe Cornwell and ESPN are a perfect fit.

47 days ’til Opening Day

February 13, 2008

springtraining.gifThere are 47 days left until that best day of the year, MLB Opening Day.

For some teams, pitchers and catchers report today.

For many baseball fans, it’s great news because they get into spring training. Surprisingly, I’m not one of them. For me, spring training is an annoying tease. It’s almost what I like, but not really what I enjoy. I love the competitiveness of baseball and watching teams going all out to win games — something that doesn’t happen in Spring Training.

There are two great things about Spring Training:

1) Baseball is back in the news on a consistent basis, so I have something to read about.
2) It means Opening Day is getting closer. Only 47 days left people.


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