The Angels + Algebra = fun

February 26, 2008

As part of a practical joke on John Lackey, he and three other players on the Angels are going to take an algebra test tomorrow.

It turns out, Lackey skipped the final for his college algebra class at Grayson Community College five days before he was selected in the 1999 draft. That’s not the best part:

For Lackey, though, (Mike Scioscia) was just getting warmed up. Part 2 of the prank came over the weekend when, with the entire team listening, Scioscia got Lackey’s mother, a teacher, on a speaker phone and told her Lackey had failed his last math class.

Lackey’s mother was upset.

“Don’t worry,” Scioscia assured her. “We’re going to rectify it.”

Part 3 came Monday morning, when Scioscia arranged for an Arizona State graduate student “in some kind of quantum physics” to walk into the team meeting and give Lackey a college sophomore-level algebra test.

The laughter from the clubhouse was so loud it could be heard through closed doors and all the way down the hall.

Whoever thought that algebra could be funny?

Before this, the funniest math joke I could remember was this:


The other three Angels taking the test are Robb Quinlan, Reggie Willits and Jeff Mathis. Mike Scioscia is making it easier on the players, letting them use a partner.

To show that Lackey is smart after all, he chose Shane Demmitt, a guy on the clubhouse staff who is a law school graduate.

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6 Responses to “The Angels + Algebra = fun”

  1. Seitz Says:

    I’m a law school graduate. I don’t remember taking any math classes in law school.

  2. Gilbert Says:

    But I’m guessing you’ve taken and passed math classes at some point — either in undergrad or high-level math in high school?

    Lackey went for a highly-educated guy — I doubt there were many math major or engineers around the place to choose from.

  3. Seitz Says:

    I think I took a first year calculus class when I was a freshman in college. I successfully avoided any and all math classes after that, even though I did about a million times better on the math portion of the SAT than the verbal portion.

  4. Matt Says:

    I’d pick one of the trainers or medical personnel. After all, aren’t those the people who need to know math the most? However, perhaps the lawyer could get everything wrong and then convince 12 unbiased spectators that the answers were completely — without a shadow of a doubt — correct.

  5. Matt Says:

    Oh yeah, how about the stats guy? There is a high probability that he knows math.

  6. Gilbert Says:

    I doubt the stats guys hang around the clubhouse much. Good point with the trainers and doctors though. I didn’t think of that.

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