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Am I the only one who thinks the A’s trading Joe Blanton away actually helps them this season? He had an ERA of 4.96 in a pitchers park (ERA+ of 77). Can his replacement be much worse? And the A’s got three prospects for him? That’s a steal.

Hideo Nomo has officially retired (he was released by the Royals in April). It was always fun watching him pitch, especially during the height of Nomo-mania.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the series The Sporting Blog’s Chris Mottram does where he “stalks” athletes by randomly appearing in the backgrouund of pictures of them. Well, Keith Olbermann gave Mottram a taste of his own medicine — these pictures had me laughing at loud. (Hat-tip to Either Relevant or True)

I’m always looking for new and good sources for UCLA sports news, and blackjack of Gutty Little Bruins has launched an awesome site you have to check out if you’re a UCLA fan —

The site collects UCLA sports news from both mainstream sources and blogs (including this one, when I write about UCLA) and puts it all in one place — a really good news aggregator. BruinWire also has a YouTube page and a place where fans can rate stories.

Check out now.

Oh, and a video on BruinWire I just had to embed here — the end of that epic UCLA/Gonzaga game:

Dan Patrick is joining NBC’s Football Night in America crew, and he’ll be doing highlights with Keith Olbermann.


Some of my earliest sports fan memories are of watching Dan and Keith on SportsCenter, and it’s going to be great to see them back together.

I’d rather have Dan and Keith back on the radio together (that hour they were on together at ESPN Radio was legendary and must-listen radio), but this announcement is better than nothing.

(Link to NBC story.)

Joe Buck went on the Colin Cowherd show today and said some things you wouldn’t expect baseball’s most prominent and baseball announcer to say.

Buck said he barely watches any sports during the week and baseball is not as special or unique as it used to be. During the whole interview he sounded very down and unenthusiastic about baseball, also complaining about the amount of games and the length of games.

Here’s a link to the audio. (I couldn’t figure out how to embed it.)

After this, how does FOX continue to let Buck call baseball games for them, let alone be the voice of the World Series? He just openly admitted he doesn’t really watch the sport much and said it’s not a good product — not exactly selling the product FOX will promote heavily in October.

Is it too much to ask to have a fan of the sport be your lead announcer? There’s millions of people out there that would love to have Joe Buck’s job if he doesn’t want it. There’s millions of people out there who would love to watch baseball during the week to prepare for their one broadcast a week.

A lot of baseball fans were disillusioned with Buck and Tim McCarver before this, and will only dislike the announcing team more after this.


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