99 days until Opening Day

December 29, 2008

There’s only 99 days left until that greatest day of the year, Opening Day.

Wow, it’s been a long offseason, and there’s still over three months left of it. But we’re now in double-digit days left, past the 100-day milestone.

Happy Holidays everyone, and be sure to read my latest post at Bugs & Cranks.

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USC has been to a BCS bowl every season since 2002. Since then, the Trojans have inflicted their wrath on the entire college football nation, with their annoying bandwagon fans and every game and player being overhyped.

They must be stopped. It’s all up to the Bruins on Saturday.

Oregon State’s loss to Oregon on Saturday means that a USC win on Saturday and they’re going to the Rose Bowl. Again. If UCLA pulls off the upset, a BCS berth would be unlikely, and USC will most likely be stuck with the Holiday Bowl.

Are the Bruins huge underdogs? Yes. They’re 31-point underdogs right now. But they have a chance.

This may sound ridiculous, but the upset can happen. UCLA’s defense has looked good lately, and they only allowed six points to Arizona State on Friday. I know the offense allowed four defensive touchdowns, but look at it this way — that’s almost never happened before in NCAA history. The odds of them being that bad again and lightning striking twice are slim. The defense has a chance to stop USC. It’s up to Kevin Craft not to throw interceptions and the offense not to completely give away the game.

While unlikely, I can see UCLA winning a game by a score like 9-6 or 10-7. I can’t see UCLA winning 31-28 or something like that.

It’s not over until it’s over. You’ve gotta believe. Yes we can!

USC would be almost respectable if they were running a clean program over there, but they’re not. Bruins Nation has a handy list of all of the scandals at USC over the last few years (you’d be surprised at how many you’ve either forgotten about or didn’t hear about).

It’s up to the Bruins to stop USC. It’ll be tough, but it can happen.


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