lakersgreenBrilliant planning by the NBA, selling Laker shirts that are the color of their main rivals. I’m not making this up, check the link. Major hat-tip to Red’s Army.

Steve Phillips? Really?

January 21, 2009

As I first saw on Awful Announcing, Steve Phillips is being added to the Sunday Night Baseball broadcasting team.

With Joe Morgan and Phillips, they’re making it hard for baseball fans who like rational thinking to watch their broadcasts.

As you all know, I’m an Angels fan, not a Dodgers fan, but I keep tabs on them because I live near L.A. and I have a ton of family and friends who are Dodger fans.

I read something on an L.A. Times blog by Ted Green that absolutely amazed me.

I’m not sure why or how this is mostly slipping under the L.A. media’s non-muckraking radar, but the Dodgers’ projected 2009 payroll of $65 million is $54 million LESS than they spent on players in 2008.

Green’s post was mainly about the McCourts (the Dodgers’ owners) spending $46 million on homes in Malibu instead of going after Manny Ramirez, but, to me, they payroll slashing is the bigger story.

If I were a Dodger fan, I’d be angry at the McCourts. The Dodgers play in the 2nd-biggest market in the country, are always among the league leaders in attendance, yet the McCourts are lowering payroll to small-market levels.

I verified Green’s numbers, and he’s not lying. Checking out Cot’s Baseball Contracts and Baseball-Reference, gone from the Dodgers’ payroll (2008 salary):

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A friend of mine has launched a website for his tutoring business, A+ Math and Science.

If you live in Ventura County and need a tutor, check him out. He’s very good at what he does and his first session is free.

83 days until Opening Day

January 13, 2009


There are still 83 days left until Opening Day, the best day of the year.

This offseason has seemingly gone on forever, and there’s still way too much time left.

Or maybe I’m just obsessed with baseball.

Photo from maniacmiler18’s photostream.


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