The one Sunday Night Baseball game a year I look forward to the most is always the first one. It’s always the day before the rest of the league opens up, which means that fans like me who are obsessed with baseball have this one Sunday night game to wet our appetites before we gorge on a full Opening Day. (Even when there are games in Japan like this year, they’re at 3 a.m., so few were able to see them).

Tonight’s game features the Washington Nationals against the Atlanta Braves. That might not look too thrilling to some of you, but since it’s been 145 days since the last real baseball game, it may as well be the biggest game ever.

The Nationals have had quite a bit going on lately. They played their first game ever in the new Nationals Park yesterday (an exhibition against Baltimore). Nats320 has a bunch of pictures of the new stadium here with reaction from players and management. (I got the photo above from Nats320 as well – one of the excellent Nationals blogs.)

So in their first regular season game at the new park, who the Nats throw out as their Opening Day starter? Odalis Perez — yes, he’s still in the league. He hasn’t had a good season since 2004, but he has reportedly had a good spring. As Federal Baseball found, even Perez is surprised he’s the Opening Day starter.

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