Angel Links of the Week

April 1, 2009

Stuff I’ve enjoyed while being away from this blog for the last week:

Rev Halofan on why Steve Finley was awesome.

Ashley Thompson of Everday Life has been all over the place, with a guest post in the OC Register Angels blog and a live chat at Halos Heaven.

Uni Watch has pictures of new Angels alternate uniforms, and I’m not a fan of the maroon and gold. I didn’t like the red color change when it came out in 2002 though, and love it now. It’s amazing what winning will do to your outlook on things.

Future Angels has a cool post on the best minor-league teams in Angels history.

Links of the Day

August 13, 2008

Before I get to my favorite links of the day, I’d like to promote my latest post at Bugs & Cranks in a bit of self-promotion.

Tearing the “It’s Gonna Happen” guy a new one. (A League of Her Own)

I love mascots, but this new one is hideous. (Walkoff Walk)

Mark Spitz: Not bitter. At all. (Larry Brown Sports)

Remember when John McCain’s campaign said they wanted to get sports blogs to interview him? Yeah, not so much. (The Big Lead)

The only reason to watch the Giants this year just got hurt. (Babes Love Baseball)

Is Kevin Kouzmanoff the next Jeff Kent? (Ducksnorts)

Self-promotion: I haven’t been blogging here all that much lately, but I’m still blogging at Bugs & Cranks. I have a new post up today.

Am I the only one who thinks the A’s trading Joe Blanton away actually helps them this season? He had an ERA of 4.96 in a pitchers park (ERA+ of 77). Can his replacement be much worse? And the A’s got three prospects for him? That’s a steal.

Hideo Nomo has officially retired (he was released by the Royals in April). It was always fun watching him pitch, especially during the height of Nomo-mania.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the series The Sporting Blog’s Chris Mottram does where he “stalks” athletes by randomly appearing in the backgrouund of pictures of them. Well, Keith Olbermann gave Mottram a taste of his own medicine — these pictures had me laughing at loud. (Hat-tip to Either Relevant or True)

I’m always looking for new and good sources for UCLA sports news, and blackjack of Gutty Little Bruins has launched an awesome site you have to check out if you’re a UCLA fan —

The site collects UCLA sports news from both mainstream sources and blogs (including this one, when I write about UCLA) and puts it all in one place — a really good news aggregator. BruinWire also has a YouTube page and a place where fans can rate stories.

Check out now.

Oh, and a video on BruinWire I just had to embed here — the end of that epic UCLA/Gonzaga game:

Before I promote other bloggers’ excellent work, I’d like to be selfish and promote my own. Here’s my latest post at Bugs & Cranks, here’s the full list of what I’ve written there.

Yadier Molina had a crazy outburst yesterday, taking off all of his catchers’ gear while arguing with an umpire. (Babes Love Baseball)

Underage drinking exists. This is news, apparently. (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Playing all nine positions in one game is more of a mockery than it is an accomplishment. (Larry Brown Sports)

Keith Olbermann got an exclusive look at Citi Field. (via Either Relevant or True)

What to look for in baseball during the rest of May. (Baseball Mastermind)

Eddie Guardado is amazingly still in the league. (Rumors and Rants)

Brandon Webb has an 0.2% chance of winning 30 games, which shows you how incredibly hard it is to do. (Vegas Watch)

Further proof that Dusty Baker is a horrible baseball manager. (Home Run Derby)

A question we need answered — how will Pat Neshek’s injury affect his blogging? (Ladies…)

Why the Colorado Rockies should sign Barry Bonds. I’d have to agree. (Big League Stew)

The BBWAA predictably has a dull website. (UmpBump)

Before I get to some of the great links I found today, I’d like to remind you all that I’m still blogging at Bugs & Cranks. My latest post can be found here, an archive of my work here. Some great links:

Texas fans are great: (hat-tip to Bruins Nation)

A visit to Padres’ Opening Day and an economics lesson too. (Ducksnorts)

The history of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” along with a video of Harry Caray. (Babes Love Baseball)

Countdown celebrates its fifth anniversary this week, here’s remembering some of the show’s greatest moments. (Either Relevant or True)

The new Dan Patrick Show is now six-months old. (Palaver)

The Patriots are amazingly not on national TV in Week 1. (Larry Brown Sports)

10 things learned from Opening Day. (Baseball Mastermind)

Tampa Bay is currently in first place in the AL East. (Bugs & Cranks)

Check out these lego baseball stadiums and an interview with a creator. (Home Run Derby)

Some great sports songs. (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Links of the Day

March 10, 2008

Some excellent reads around the interwebs today:

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again — I love Babes Love Baseball’s spring training haikus, the latest is on the Mariners. (Babes Love Baseball)

Why the Devil Rays are better than the Dodgers. (Bugs & Cranks)

Those questionable calls at the end of the UCLA-Cal game maybe weren’t so bad after all. (L.A. Seitz of Chicago)

Brett Favre didn’t really want to retire, he just did because the internet said so. (Your secret is safe with me)

A high school championship hockey game went eight overtimes and ended in a tie. (Larry Brown Sports)

Storming the Floor has an easy to read list of who’s left and who’s been eliminated from all the conference tournaments. (Storming the Floor)

The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Paul Daugherty loves Dusty Baker, hates sabermetrics and doesn’t believe in global warming. (Fire Joe Morgan)

Headline of the Day: Joe Girardi is a Baby, Joe Maddon is a Yuppie (Walkoff Walk)

Miguel Cabrera may be close to a long-term deal with the Tigers. (Baseball Mastermind)

Lute Olson will reportedly be back at Arizona next year. (Fox Sports, found via The Big Lead)

Here’s video of Jonathan Papelbon trying to do a public service announcement in Spanish (Hat-tip to Center Field). Papelbon doesn’t exactly speak the language fluently.

To Papelbon’s credit, he does try and seem to actually want to pronounce the words correctly. How many ballplayers who can’t speak the language would try to do it?

Your links of the day:

A team lost because its fans rushed the court before the game was actually over. I’m sure they’re proud of themselves. (Storming the Floor)

The Devil Rays really should be going after Barry Bonds. I agree completely with David Chalk on this one. I’m not on the “Devil Rays are competitive” bandwagon, but I’d hop on board if they signed Bonds. (Bugs & Cranks)

Could the Cincinnati Reds and Los Angeles Dodgers be darkhorse teams in the NL? Anything can happen in the league of parity. (Baseball Mastermind)

Remembering Ron Neccai, who once struck out 27 batters in a minor-league game. (Knuckle Curve)

Tony La Russa still doesn’t think Mark McGwire used performance-enhancing drugs. (Larry Brown Sports)

Jon Stewart played soccer at William & Mary. (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Looking at the most consistent and inconsistent teams in college basketball, and showing that consistency isn’t always a good thing. (Vegas Watch)

Clemens did report to the Astros camp. No, not that one. (Walkoff Walk)

A reminder that Darren McFadden is really good. (Rumors and Rants)

So even though the trading deadline has passed, Sam Cassell could still wind up on another team this year. What a league. (SportsHubLA)

Just because, here’s a video of some mascot bloopers:

Your links of the day:

Out of all the coaching staffs in the Pac-10, UCLA’s has the most NFL experience. (Bruins Nation)

A season preview for the Blue Jays in haiku form and a not too pleased Roy Halladay. (Babes Love Baseball)

If the Devil Rays went to the NL, they might be pretty good. (Bugs & Cranks)

Johan Santana was traded for some Prada shoes. For real. (Larry Brown Sports)

Division I’s last team without a win fired their coach. There’s only one game left, NJIT might finish 0-29. (One More Dying Quail)

Over/unders for MLB teams this season. (Vegas Watch)

Dog shows are not a sport. (We Suck at Sports)

Prince Fielder is not going to eat meat anymore. (Signal to Noise)


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