I always thought that Paul DePodesta got a raw deal as the general manager of the LA Dodgers, being fired after only two seasons. A lot of his major moves look good right now in hindsight, even though the local media (Bill Plaschke) absolutely hated him for it at the time.

Well, as Larry Brown Sports found out, DePodesta (who is now working for the Padres’ front office) started a blog which has a lot of potential. He’s interacting with readers and so far he’s updating it. An excerpt from his first post on Friday:

Nevertheless, hopefully you’ll find it useful to have some unfiltered access to our internal conversations and feelings. We’ll have to figure out the rules as we go since I won’t be able to share everything, but I think it’s important to open this avenue right now.

So, I’m here, and I’d like to be a part of the conversation. I’ll do my best to reply to comments/questions, though I can’t promise punctual responses or regular posts. After all, just like everyone else out there, I already have a job. :-)

Yes, he has a sense of humor. He later linked to a hilarious YouTube video which is a must-see (it has nothing to do with DePodesta, and everything to do with Carlos Zambrano throwing heaters at people intentionally):

I will try to be a loyal reader of DePodesta’s blog, and hope he continues to update it. And I’m not even a Padres fan.


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