26704689.jpgThis is why you don’t go on to opposing team blogs/message boards and incite their fans.

After a USC fan went on to Bruins Nation and pulled out an Eric Scott reference, a contributor to BN did some research, and discovered that a current USC assistant coach was arrested and charged with the mistreatment of dogs being trained on his property for dogfighting in 1996. In the same thread, Bruins Nation commenters later found that the same assistant, Todd McNair, was a part of the Reggie Bush free house scandal. They also found that McNair’s punishment was only a $16,000 fine and found a gruesome picture of one of the dogs.

I read a lot of sports articles and blogs daily and follow Pac-10 football very closely. I had never heard of this before I saw it on Bruins Nation yesterday. So I’m guessing a lot of people will be seeing this for the first time today, either on Bruins Nation or another blog that will pick up the story (like mine).

It’s unfortunate that we had to learn that another former NFL player was involved in dogfighting. Thanks USC fans, for helping us find yet another flaw with your shady program.


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